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Aromas Imparted By The Grapes

These derive directly from the grapes. Right after the bottling these aromas typically dominate the flavor of the young wine. Eventually, these fruit aromas give way to or are complemented by mature aromas.

Aromas Imparted By The Bottle Age

New aroma structures develop over time as the wine matures in the bottle, thereby enriching the mature wine's flavor. Mature aromas start to dominate after the wine has peaked and can eventually cause the wine to seem tired. Some wines do not age well and should be drunk when young.

Aromas Imparted By Vinification

The winemaker can heavily influence the wine's flavor by the use of steel tanks, wooden casks or barriques (small wood barrels); depending on the intensity of the use, the age of the wine and level of the toasting (roasting of wood barrels over fire) aromas form vanilla to caramel may be imparted to the wine. Furthermore, stirring of the yeast cells (bâtonnage) may impart yeast and butter aromas. These vinification aromas can become either complementary or dominant in the ready-to-drink wine.

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