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Grape to Glass is a privately held wine company envisaged purely by passion. Passion not just for wine, but everything it represents - fine living, etiquette, taste and all the good things that life is about.

We proudly serve as the distributor arm for Riedel Crystal and Vinturi, supplying the world’s finest wine specific stemware and accessories to consumers and trade across India.

Mr. Govind  Gupta – Director

Mr. Gupta was a founding Director of Kagem Mining Limited, the largest leading emerald producer and exporter in Zambia. He has travelled extensively all over the world and has a very strong knowledge of various businesses as well as import-export trade globally.

Over the last 30 years, he has headed his family’s gem mining operations in various countries including India, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia.

Apart from his interests in gem mining, Mr. Gupta is at the forefront of many other industries and has interest in other businesses including property development, lifestyle and entertainment, precious metal mint, as well as the processing of gemstones and the manufacturing of jewelry. Fine living and meticulous taste has made him a visionary in his own right and a pioneer in every business he ventures into.

Mrs. Shagun Gupta

Born among the beautiful people of Himachal Pradash, in it's mountainous capital Shimla, Mrs. Shagun Gupta, 34, is a Director of Grape to Glass, a company she started, that distributes Riedel fine Crystal and Vinturi aerators in India.

Shagun and her husband Govind, are involved in multiple business lines that include gem stones, mining and real estate. Shagun is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London, having completed graduate gemology courses there.

Besides being a doting loving parent to her two children, Shagun is also a successful business woman who owns the luxury lifestyle business, Grape to Glass. Shagun is hands on in the day to day operations of Grape to Glass, which distributes Riedel Crystal, undeniably the best wine glasses and wine decanters in the world, and Vinturi aerators, the essential wine aerator made in the US.

Shagun is a world traveller with a penchant for the finer things in life, with a particular weakness for designer outfits and handbags!

A perfect day for Shagun is taking classical Indian singing lessons, spending lots of time with her kids, concentrating on marketing her business to higher highs, and enjoying an evening with her husband, close friends, and a heady mix of fine wines in her beloved Riedel glasses of course!

Shagun often says, her driving philosophy in life is to “Focus on yourself, cause you are the only person you can change”

She also has a dream to one day start an educational institute in her hometown of Shimla. And knowing Shagun, it's just a matter of time before this dream of hers will come true.


To be at the forefront of wine culture by introducing to our customers the finest wine lifestyle through cutting-edge products and accessories, etiquette and training.


Create a world connoisseur of each individual in India by parting the highest knowledge of wine, wine appreciation, taste optimization and personal lifestyle.

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